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Tree Stump Removal Miami

December 18, 2019

Tree Stump Removal Miami Tips and Techniques


Have you recently cut down a tree on your property or your yard? Do you want to get rid of a pesky tree stump? Are you sick of mowing unsightly stump that’s right in the middle of your backyard? If yes, you’ve made the right stop.

Tree stump needs removal because it can make your backyard work pretty difficult than it should be. Tree stumps can also look unappealing. 

Fortunately, there are several effective techniques you can utilize to remove tree stumps. You can choose to dig it out with your hands, grind it with the help of a stump grinder, or you can also burn it. You can also choose to hire a professional for Stump Removal Miami. Opt for the method that suits the root system of the tree you’re dealing with.

Here are some stump removal techniques and tips to get your lawn or yard looking prim.

1. Grubbing or Digging

In simple terms, grubbing refers to the process of making use of manual labor to pull or dig out your tree stump. Once you consider the option of digging, be sure to use appropriate tools like an axe, shovel, and pickaxe. For the grubbing technique, the first thing to do is to dig a trench that is one to two feet from the circumference of your tree stump and some feet deep. Next is to proceed to severe the roots. At this point, you can dig the stump up from the ground. If the root of the tree is deep and large, you should consider another stump removal method. You can also hire a professional to carry out Stump Removal Miami.

2. Burning

Another useful technique for removing tree stumps is burning. It is usually regarded as a natural way to remove the stump without causing any harm to the environment. Before subscribing to the burning technique, be sure to use a chemical additive to make the stump more porous before you burn. Adding chemicals ensures that the stump receives additional oxygen, this leads to a productive fire. After application, wait for about six weeks before you use kerosene to burn. If you have concerns regarding fire safety, wear fire-resistant clothing, safety glasses, gloves or hire a professional for Stump Removal Miami, at an affordable rate.

3. Use Stump Grinder

If you want to use a stump grinder to remove your tree stump, you can hire a professional for Stump Removal Miami. If you think you can work this on your own, follow these four easy steps. First, be safe. Wear work gloves, boots, and safety glasses when using a grinder. Clear your yard of any obstructions like decorations, toys, weed, rocks, and sticks. Secondly, cut the stump as low as you can with a chainsaw. This makes your grinder more effective. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the grinder. After removing the stump, refill the hole with grass seed or soils.

Well, removing a tree may seem challenging but removing the stump is also important. If you don’t have free time or expertise for stump removal, you can hire a professional for Stump Removal Miami.

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