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Tree Stump Removals in Miami

February 20, 2014

stump removal miami

Not only is an old tree stump an eyesore, but it can also be a hazard. Just imagine your elderly family member tripping over the old tree stump. Or, if the tree was removed because of an infection or diseases, the old stump can still have infected roots that will spread to other nearby roots. And lastly, those roots can continue to grow underneath your property, driveway or sidewalk, causing serious damage.

There are also plenty of aesthetic reasons to remove a tree stump. Perhaps you want to plant a new tree where the old stump resides? Sometimes, mowing the lawn can get difficult when there’s a large stump with long roots sitting in the middle of your property.

Sounds like it’s time to remove that stump! Removing it on your own can be a bit dangerous and time consuming. It’s best to call in a professional tree service company that knows how to remove tree stumps.

B&G Property Maintenance specializes in tree removal and tree stump removal in Miami. We have professional equipment that can remove any size stump in very little time. You’ll actually be surprised at how affordable our tree stump removal service is! Prices start at $90 an hour (and not all stumps require an entire hour). Give us a call for a free estimate at 305-370-8176.

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