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How to Protect Your Trees for Hurricane Season – Tree Trimming Miami

May 15, 2017

How to protect your trees during hurricane season - tree trimming miami

How to Protect Your Trees for Hurricane Season?

Natural disasters can leave behind lots of destruction. Moreover, they have increased in intensity given that human activities are steadily deteriorating the environments.

One such natural disaster is the hurricane, which is quite common to America. There are many regions in the country that are prone to strong hurricanes. Over the years, several hurricanes have left behind destruction and tragedy. While people can’t actually fight against natural forces, they have learned how to protect themselves and their property to some extent.

In this post, we discuss how you can protect the trees during the hurricane season. It is significant to protect the trees because they are important to keep the environment healthy and the surroundings lush. On the other hand, fallen or destroyed trees only add to the damage the hurricane will inflict on the residents and their property.

Here are a few steps you can take to protect the trees:

  • It is important to determine when the hurricane season hits in your region. For effective protection of against excessive damage, you need to start the preparations early. Therefore, if you know what months will bring hurricanes, you can begin your efforts beforehand. The hurricane season is active between the months of June and November on the East Coast. On the West Coast, the hurricane season hits around middle of May
  • Pruning the trees can eliminate the threat of uprooted or fallen trees. It is better to hire an arborist or tree trimming Miami services, who are expert for inspecting for structural issues in trees. They can identify trees that can be problematic and fix them through pruning. It will help the tree stand strong against winds by improving their structure and opening up the canopy. Through pruning, the weak branches can be taken out so that they don’t fall during the hurricane. It will also take out branches that are closer to your house or any other property
  • An expert arborist will cable the tree. Some branches that are v-shaped or split trunks need extra support against harsh weather conditions. The professional will place flexible steel strands and have bolts at the right laces to make the tree structure stronger
  • Roots are significant to a stringer tree structure. Healthy roots ensure that a tree has more chances to stand strong against the hurricanes. Essential nutrients need to be delivered to the roots regularly to make the tree well-anchored in the ground. You should also provide mulch for promoting water retention. Mulch will also reduce the weeds around the trees that may be stealing the water and nutrients. An expert can sufficiently provide fertilization and mulch to the trees in your before the hurricane season begins

To hire a professional arborist or tree trimming Miami services, you can consult B&G Trees. We have years of experience in how to improve the structures of trees so they can stay anchored firmly in the ground even during string hurricanes.

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