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Tree Trimming Miami Tips and Precautions During Construction

September 27, 2016

These are some precautions you should take when performing tree trimming Miami and construction.

There are varying effects construction can have on trees that both you and your contractor should be awarely. You already know that tree trimming Miami properties, when done incorrectly, can severely detriment your landscape. But even the improper use of the construction equipment could end up breaking branches or wounding a tree’s trunk. B&G Property Maintenance recommends a list of specific precautions to avoid these dangers.

Starting a construction project is exciting, but before you get phase 1 going, check our important guidelines. Homeowners and contractors both should follow these 10 tree trimming Miami tips to further protect trees currently inhabiting the property.

  1. All pruning is to be completed to ANSI A-300 standards.
  2. No topping or heading back is to be performed, as these practices can lead to severe dieback.
  3. Pruning cuts should be made just outside the branch collar; no flush cuts. This will ensure that trees can heal from wounds.
  4. Contractor should take great care in protecting roots during digging and trenching around trees, avoiding damage or pulling roots from the ground.
  5. Contractor should pay close attention to grade changes around tree roots, as the slightest change in grade can severely damage trees.
  6. Existing tree barriers should be extended 2’ further to better protect trees.
  7. Construction equipment will keep appropriate distance from the barriers in an effort to not damage the aboveground portion of a tree by breaking branches, tearing the bark, or wounding the trunk.
  8. All fill within the dripline of the trees will be removed and returned to the soil’s original grade to prevent damage.
  9. Careful attention will be made to avoid excessive moisture in the soil that surrounds mature trees in an effort to evade fungal growth.

10. Post-construction, the specimen trees will receive maintenance and care for any stresses they may have encountered during construction, such as disease or insect infestation.

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