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The 3 Facts You Need to Know Before Tree Trimming in Miami

October 16, 2013

Miami Tree Trimming

When your tree begins to resemble Cousin It, you know it’s time for a little trimming. If done properly, pruning can help the health and the aesthetic of a tree. But while trimming your own tree may sound like a good idea, there are a few factors to consider before you bring out the pole saw.

City Requirements
When trimming a tree in Miami, you first must consider the city’s requirements for a properly trimmed tree. Without the proper knowledge, an inexperienced tree trimmer may over-pruned the tree, leaving it with stubbed branches and minimal leaves. One common technique is called topping, which is when more than 25-30% of the tree is removed.

Besides being an eyesore, you over-trimmed tree can cost you a hefty fine from the city. Rather than save money by trimming your tree on your own, you may end up paying more than if you would have hired a licensed and insured tree trimming company.

We suggest, requesting estimates from three different tree trimming companies in Miami. Make sure they are licensed, insured and have a certified arborist on staff.

Damage to Nearby Targets
While tree trimming might seem like a pretty easy project, if done incorrectly the remaining tree can cause considerable damage to surrounding property and pedestrians. Inappropriate pruning can weaken the tree and its limbs, causing them to fall on nearby targets.

Over trimming can cause entryways for wood-rotting organisms, creating a potentially hazardous tree.

Damage to the Tree
Unlike people, when a tree is wounded it must grow over the damage. Meaning the wound stays within the tree forever. When pruning hurts a tree it becomes stressed, making the tree more vulnerable to disease and insects.

One common mistake is removing too much foliage. Removing leaves reduces the process of photosynthesis, which can starve a tree or hinder its overall growth. Without enough leaves, the tree cannon gather enough sunlight to survive.
Overall, hiring a certified arborist to trim your tree is an investment that will result in a healthy, good-looking tree that can add considerable value to your property. Plus, they’re good for the earth!

Looking to trim a tree in Miami? Call B&G Property Maintenance for a free estimate. We’ll make sure to send out our on-staff ISA Certified Arborist to your property to assess your precious tree.

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