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What is Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome? Arborist Miami

January 22, 2019

Read this article to learn what sudden branch drop syndrome is and and why you may need the help of an arborist in Miami

What is Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome? Arborist Miami

Did a heavy branch of your tree drop down unexpectedly? Are you wondering if other branches will fall as well? If after a storm the branch of your tree crashes down, it is probably because the branch was damaged during the storm.

However, if on a summer day without the wind, a heavy branch of your tree falls down, it is something you should be worried about. All the problems with trees are alarming, but Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome is an extremely serious one.

Do you know what sudden branch drop syndrome is? If not, then you are the right place. We have shed light on this alarming tree problem. Have a look!

What Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome Is?

Sudden branch drop syndrome can happen mostly in summer. This is why it is also known as Summer Limb Failure or Summer Branch Drop. It can happen to any tree; a limb of a healthy tree can crash down in hot and summer days.

The exact reasons for this syndrome are still unknown. Many experts mentioned the trees which are old are more prone to this problem. Though it can happen to all types of trees, the most common ones include eucalyptus, beech, sycamore, elm, ash, and oak.

What You Must Do?

There is not much you can do for the fallen limb, but you can save the rest of your tree. If a branch of your tree has fallen down, you should immediately get your tree inspected by arborist Miami. This is because the first fall of the limb was unannounced; however, the trees affected by this syndrome will shed more limbs.

Hence, you must act instantly to ensure your tree is healthy. It is recommended to take measures to decrease injury and damage.

Why You Should Hire an Arborist Miami To Inspect Your Tree?

When it comes to inspecting your tree, no matter how much knowledge you have gained from the internet, you cannot compete with a professional. An arborist Miami is experienced and highly-trained to inspect the tree for decay, damage, and sudden branch drop syndrome. Here are few of the most compelling reasons for hiring an expert.


The arborist Miami is not only experienced but has extensive knowledge about inspecting the health of the tree. They are high-qualified and skilled professionals who inspect various kinds of trees on daily basis.

Checking your tree after a sudden drop syndrome can be dangerous. This is because the branches might be unstable and fragile. Without professional help, you might obtain severe injuries.

So, it is best to get expert assistance to ensure there is no damage to your family and property.

Right Tools

Another reason why you need professional arborist Miami is that they have state-of-the-art equipment for inspection. The tools are heavy and expensive; for using them, you need proper training. The experts have gone through safety training to minimize the damage.

Overall, sudden branch drop syndrome can happen to any tree. This is why it advised getting arborist Miami to check your tree’s health frequently.

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