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What is the Difference Between Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

December 12, 2017

Read this article and find out why you may need stump removal in pinecrest

After a tree has been cut off or falls down, its stump is left behind. Sometimes, this stump may be a growth point for a new tree but sometimes it remains as it is. In order to maintain a plain land or even if you want to grow a new tree, you will need stump removal. There are mainly two methods for this. You can hire a professional stump removal service in Pinecrest. It is best to take help from someone who knows what they are doing. However, here are the basics that you should know as a tree owner too. 

What is stump removal?

Stump is the part of the tree trunk that is still connected with the roots. That is why there is a chance it might grow again. Stump removal is basically the removal of this whole part including the roots. Of course, that is difficult and tedious. Only a hired service in Pinecrest can perform this stump removal efficiently. The once minor roots grow along with the growth of the tree itself. Therefore, the entire root network would have grown into a huge root ball. Once the stump is removed, this entire root ball has to be removed. In fact, after the stump removal, even if you get it done by a Pinecrest specialist, you will be left with a huge hollow spot in the ground in place of the roots and stump. However, that is not an issue because you can always fill it up with fresh soil again.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is another technique used by stump removal professionals in Pinecrest. It involves the grinding down of the stump in pieces. Firstly the tree is cut down to the ground surface as close as possible. Then the remaining stump is ground with the help of a stump grinder. The special device crushes parts of the stump one at a time. The stump is ground to a few inches beneath the ground surface. The remaining part is left and covered with soil. Overtime, the stump and roots will decay. However, the surface becomes ready for the growth of new plants.

Expert opinion

Among the two stump removal techniques, stump grinding is definitely the easier bit. It is harder to dig deep to remove the strongly connected roots in the regular stump removal. It takes up a lot of time to dig up the soil. The tedious job requires a wide area to be dug and it ends up being more expensive than the stump grinding process. On the contrary, stump grinding is considered economical as well as quicker by professionals. Therefore, most stump removal services in Pinecrest will suggest you go for stump grinding. Your ground is also left in a better condition by stump grinding since you do not end up with a big, deep and wide hole in the ground that you will have to fill up. The final word of what suits your situation best can only be given by a service in Pinecrest.

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