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What is tree stress? Tree trimming Kendall

November 14, 2017

Read this article to find out what tree stress is and why you may need the help of a tree trimming profesional in Kendall

What is tree stress?

Does your garden seem off? Do certain trees look like they are sick but you are not quite sure what’s wrong? Your first instinct might suggest you get a professional tree trimming person in Kendall but first, you can try to figure out what the actual problem is. There is a possibility that your tree is suffering from stress. It is pretty much like the stress we humans face. The causes could include dehydration or other factors. Read through this guide to find out if your tree is stressed and how to help it.

The symptoms

Your tree might not be as strong when it is stressed. The branches will easily break off if there is a storm or strong wind. You might even spot some unusual cracks or splits. While minor splits and cracks are healed on their own, these unusual ones might one. Get to a tree trimming professional in Kendall if you see such issues. Another sign of a stressed tree is lean posture. The once upright tree will now be bending towards one side. You may also spot fungi and mushrooms around the base of the tree. This particular factor can be a sign of many other issues too. Therefore, don’t depend on this factor alone. Also, not every kind of fungi and mushroom is harmful to the tree. So it’s better to consult someone professional in Kendall rather than guessing yourself in this case. A stressed tree also comes with lesser leaf count; color changing leaves as well as leaves dropping before it is the right time. Your tree will start to get brown leaves whether it is a rainy season or a dry one. The leaf size will also become small and you’ll notice newly growing leaves to be yellow and brown too. A newly planted tree can get stressed too. One of the easiest hints for such a case is missing leaf spots and small-sized leaves. If you spot all or most of these symptoms, it’s the right time to contact a tree trimming company for help.

The treatment

Now, the first step is to get help from a professional. There are many good tree trimming professionals in Kendall. Sometimes, trimming will be the right step to encourage healthy growth again. However, sometimes, other methods can help too. If you figure out the root cause of the stress and fix it, the tree can get healthy again. For example, it the cause of stress is too much sunlight, you can add a shade. Or in case of dehydration, you can start watering it more. But since it is a difficult task to guess the correct reason on your own, we will not suggest you to make random guesses based off of a couple of signs. Just try to keep up with the healthy routine of the tree. Water it regularly, provide fertilizers if you do, do not cut it randomly and just keep following the basic tree care regime.

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