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What to Do If a Storm Damaged My Tree? Tree Removal Coral Gables

November 21, 2017

Read this article to learn what to do if a storm damages your tree

The storm season is approaching and it is almost like a nightmare for your garden. Your precious trees that you grew with so much and care and hard work are going to be on their own in such a challenging situation. What you can do is help make it easier for them. If they are damaged during these storms, try and fix the situation as soon as possible. Read through this article to find out how you can help your trees. 

When doesn’t a tree require to be removed 

You may think that once the tree has been damaged in the storm, all you can do is remove it. However, sometimes you can save it too. In case the tree is somewhat standing straight, tree removal in Coral Gables isn’t necessary. You can get the broken limbs removed, fix some damage and your tree will grow back healthy. You can get professional tree removal assistance in Coral Gables to figure out if your tree can be saved or if it is time to say goodbye. Don’t attempt to solve your tree issues all on your own. You may end up harming your tree if you make even a slight mistake. Since you don’t have 100% knowledge about tree care, you never know if the symptoms you’re spotting are valid or not.

What you can do

There is still some things you can do yourself for effective tree removal in Coral Gables. First and foremost, you are going to need to keep an eye out for your own safety. Look around for branches that may seem like they are about to fall. You don’t want to hurt yourself while saving the tree. If you do spot branches that seem like they are broken but stuck, remove them carefully. If there are limbs that seem to be half broken, try to remove them too. However, do not attempt to use dangerous tools like chainsaws or axes. Get assistance from a professional tree removal Coral Gables company in this case. You can make use of the pruning techniques to remove smaller branches. For bigger branches, it is better to get a professional to properly remove it up to the point where it joins the trunk. Removal of these small broken parts is important to prevent future decays that can affect the whole tree. All this while, also make sure not to over prune and cause further damage. If you are not sure about what you’re doing, just do not take the risk and get a professional tree removal service in Coral Gables.

Now, while we do suggest you to prevent over pruning regardless of the tree’s appearance, there is some improvement you can still make. You can take care of damaged barks to make your tree look better. Use sharp tools to smoothen any dents or hiding places that may become home to insects or infections. We would also recommend taking a step back with tree topping. Lightweight branches have no guarantee of not falling, but fewer leaves will definitely hinder the repair process of your tree.

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