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Wholesale Clusia Plants in Miami

March 6, 2017

Call us bias, but Clusia plants are the best plants for hedges. Why? Well, first off clusias do not get whitefly, which is a big problem in Miami. Whitefly attack hedges like ficus, cherry, podocarpus, and cocoplum. Have you ever seen a hedge that only has leaves on the top? Yep, that’s whitefly. Not only does it make your plants look ugly, but you also lose a huge investment!

Clusia plants do not fall victim to whitefly. Another advantage is because of its sturdy leaf, clusias can grow a little wild and not look unkept. They require less trimming, because they do not need to appear geometrical. Meaning, your lawn maintenance crew does not need to visit every week to trim your clusia hedge.

Lastly, we love clusia because they’re beautiful. They’re thick, waxy leave look modern, but free-spirited all in one plant. For this reason, we decided to grow wholesale clusia plants in Miami. If you’re looking to buy a few or a lot of clusia plants in Miami, please give us a call or visit our nursery. We promise to give you the best price you can find in Miami. Call 305-370-8176 for clusia plants in Miami.

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