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Why You Still Need To Brush Hog Mow In The Winter

March 6, 2018

In this article, learn about brush hog mowing in miami and why you still need to brush hog mow in the winter

The winters in North America can be quite harsh. In fact, in some of the colder areas, it impedes any sort of outdoor activity or project. This includes brush hog mowing in these specific areas. The snow that tends to creep in, and the general cold turn many people away from the activity. It is essentially a problem for many.

However, in the areas experiencing moderate climate, brush hog mowing can be very useful. In fact, brush hog mowing in Miami is not only advised, but it is a must to maintain the fields and lawns. Here’s why brush hog mowing in Miami is so useful during the winter season:

Promote Growth of Newer Plants

A lot of the growth that you normally see in fields is dead growth. This impedes new plants from taking root and growing. Basically, dead roots hog all of the nutrients and do not let new plants emerge. By doing away with the dead growth, you allow the new plants to take firm root and come out of the soil. A brush mower reduces all of the dead growth into mushy fertilizer that is decomposed by bacteria and forms nutrients for the fledgling new growth.

Finding Out Just What You Have Growing in the Fields

Normally, a field is too infested with herbs and plants to properly see just what happens to be growing there. However, in the winters, a lot of the vegetation is removed. The trees shed their leaves and the undergrowth of plants freezes and dies away as well. This reveals every single plant that is growing beneath all the bushes. Finding out the vegetation is very helpful. You can clearly judge everything that happens to be growing, while also identifying any invasive plants that might be growing and competing with the other plants. By mowing, you can ensure that no unwanted plants are growing in your field, while also scavenging the useful ones.

Protects from fire, more fire prone

Long and tall brushes can be very fire prone and can easily start forest fires. Cutting them is a good way to avoid such fires. Although cutting the brushes is not allowed in most areas during the summers or springs, because of fuel consumption and other reasons, the way to go about it is to cut them in the fall or the winter season. By removing the brush, you can avoid forest fires during the winter and protect your field.

How you need to go about it

Brush hog mowing in Miami is a necessary task for all Miami citizens with fields of their own. It ensures the safety of the field along with better growth. Since the process is very taxing and requires a lot of machinery, you need to get professional help for it. A professional service eases the pressure on you and ensures that the integrity of your field is maintained after the brush hog mowing.

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