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Winter Tree Care Tips & Tree Trimming Pinecrest

January 7, 2020

Winter Tree Care Tips & Tree Trimming Pinecrest


Trees become dormant during the winter season. The thing is, trees lack protection from weather conditions and the elements like how a hibernating animal that holes up in a comfortable spot. 

During the cold season, trees face the sheer intensity of the weather. It is without a doubt that during winter, trees are phased with harsh conditions. This is even more pronounced for young or newly-planted trees that lack significant defense mechanisms like a wide or spreading root system and a thick bark. 

If you own a tree, do well to follow these care tips for the roots, trunks, and branches. If you’re clueless about the process, why not hire a professional for Tree Trimming Pinecrest and other services? 

Winter care for roots

To care for your tree roots during winter, make do of water. You should hydrate the soil of the tree up to where the ground freezes. This allows the roots to have enough water saved up for the winter season. You don’t need to water all through winter, but be sure to water periodically.

Another effective tip to maintain the roots during winter is to insulate. Now, if the root of a tree is around 15 degrees Fahrenheit, it may grow bad. If you stay in a snowy environment, use blankets of snow as insulation to keep your tree warm. You can also mulch your tree bed or hire an expert for Tree Trimming Pinecrest. 

Moreover, road salt that prevents you from sliding during winter is bad for roots. If the salt has sodium chloride, it can change soil structure or dry the roots. Opt for calcium chloride-based salt. 

Winter care for trunks

To protect tree trunk, combat sunscald. It occurs when warm winter days turn to cold nights. It happens when the bark heats up during the day and then it rapidly freezes in the evening. Do well to wrap the trunk with a plastic guard. 

During winter, try to safeguard your trees from deer. These animals use tree trunks to smoothen their antlers. This strips trunks of large pieces of wood. Create a barrier or use a tree wrap to deter deer. For more complaints, opt for Tree Trimming Pinecrest. 

Winter care for branches

To care for your tree branches during winter, start by running broken and dead ranches. You can also hire a professional for Tree Trimming Pinecrest if you have a lot on your plate. Winter trims give the tree a new start for the spring season. 

Also, remove the pile of snow on your branches. Because of the weight of snow, the branch can snap easily. Brush of light covers of snow once you notice then the branches. To prevent breakage, it’s also best to avoid shaking the snow off the branches.

If your tree branches are laced with ice, ignore! Because it’s tough to remove ice, you might harm the tree in the process. Allow the ice to melt as the weather grows warm. 

In all, taking care of your tree during winter is essential. You don’t want the harsh elements to destroy the roots, trunk or branches. If you don’t have enough time in your hand, opt for Tree Trimming Pinecrest.

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