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Why Perform Tree Trimming to Young Trees

June 28, 2016

why tree trimming in Miami matters.

Tree trimming Miami landscapes is a huge contributor to our beautiful and lush yards. And while the thought of trimming might trigger the image of a large, towering tree becoming perfectly sculpted, trimming is actually relevant for all sizes. While some think only mature trees need to be pruned, young trees also need a little extra attention to maintain clean-cut shapes.

These newly planted trees shouldn’t go neglected; in fact, the stability and structure of a young tree relies on trimming in its early years. Below find a few tips for keeping your trees looking crisp and healthy as they grow.

The bright Miami sun provides our trees with plenty of light, which is great but also causes multiple branches to grow. And regardless of how strong these branches are, the growth of too many branches–and no singular leader–can actually weaken the tree. The solution? Tree trimming! This practice eliminates excess branches and creates a defined trunk, making the tree more stable with a stronger structure.

Tree trimming Miami’s lovely landscape also helps train the tree through a process called subordinate pruning. After assessing all branches and limbs, an arborist will choose the strongest central branch, and eliminate or shorten weaker competing ones. This trains your tree to grow strong and tall.

Always take the proper precautions when tree trimming Miami yards. Stick to the general rule: never remove more than 25% of the canopy at a time. For newly planted trees, you should trim broken or damaged branches, but don’t overdo it. Arborists suggest you wait a few years after tree trimming a young tree, as more branches will pop up and grow.

Keep up with tree trimming from the early stages of your tree’s life through maturity with a little help from us!

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